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24. Oct, 2021

Picture taken from The 10 Rules of IKIGAI: The Japanese Secrets To a Long and Happy Life

Perfect fit for the coming week to have some content about IKIGAI. Just in case you are looking for a more funny description of the 10 Rules, see this adoption of the "Golden Girls" 🤔

IKIGAI will be the main theme and my red line for the Team USP (Unique Selling Point) workshop next Friday. Will be an intensive 90 minutes. Starting with some warm up activities around creativity and communication. Then collecting the homework that every participant is supposed to prepare. And finally using a SWOT analysis to work out a common ground for the Golden Circle of the team, to be clear about their WHY, HOW and WHAT. I will keep you posted about the outcome.  

“A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.” – Simon Sinek, taken from 39 Awe-Inspiring Quotes From Simon Sinek

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23. Oct, 2021

Just selected 4 pictures for today that more or less fit perfectly together. Interested in more details? See:

These are the top 10 job skills of tomorrow – and how long it takes to learn them

The Gottman Institute --


Tanmay Vora: Organizational Leader as a Social Architect

22. Oct, 2021

Infographic seen at Leadership & SuccessWhy Are Questions  Important?

"Management teams aren't good at asking questions. In business school, we train them to be good at giving answers." -- Clayton M. Christensen

My 1st advice to all our new Interns during the onboarding meeting is to ask as many questions as possible. Only when you are asking, people realize that you are missing some information. And the majority of the people are appreciating to be asked, as this means somebody is looking for their experience and expertise.

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” -- Chinese Proverb, taken from 55 Meaningful Quotes About Helping Others

Wish you all a great weekend, to relax, have some fun, enjoy the autumn time and maybe ask some questions 😎:

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"To innovate we need chaos. Then we need structure to make those ideas useful." -- Simon Sinek


21. Oct, 2021

By accident I just realized that the LA LINEA series has some really new videos. Episode 70 is from 30-Sep-21. You can watch all 70 at
Have fun ...

Anatomy of a Perfect Blended Meeting

Leadership Starts With Trust --

20. Oct, 2021

Picture provided by European Leadership

Today was the 1st company-wide learning day that was intended to make quality learning time available for everybody. We had regional or department wide solutions before, but this was causing issues with people outside these environments. When the whole company is out for training, there is no discussion about missing any meeting 👍. A real investment for the company, but definitely worth it, not only for the employees I would say.

My learning day started with a 30 minute session about financial accounting. Initially planned to be an information collection session for one of our projects, but as I do not have a financial background, it was a great learning for me. Thanks to the expert who was able to explain a really complex topic in a language I could follow.

Next was the 90 minute brainstorming session about innovation that I had organized. A voluntary experiment to fill in the new Jobs-to-be-Done Canvas with the notes I have taken during the discussion. We had a very diverse and international group with 30+ people and came to a pretty good result in the end. I used the time after this session until lunch to review the results and fill in the template. All participants have been invited to review and improve the 1st Canvas version now.

After lunch I had a discussion with a new discover trainee in our department, who was interested in my activities in- and outside of the company. He will also be participating in the Team USP workshop that I will be hosting next week Friday.

For the rest of the afternoon I did look into the Visual Thinking and Sketchnoting Boot Camp Udemy training that was waiting for my full attention since several month now 🤔. Really good course, will take some more time to finish.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” ― Mark Twain

In summary a really great and relaxed day full of new content and learning experience. Looking forward to the next one in ~3 month from now.

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