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5. Dec, 2022

Words and Pictures by Grant Snider for INCIDENTAL COMICS

As you can see on the picture it is not always easy to come up with good content on a daily basis. To find the right pictures, have related ideas for content and context, or just copy and transfer good material from other writers.

On the hunt for ideas I did check the INCIDENTAL COMICS page today and did find something that fits perfectly 👍. To be in the right place at the right time, a satisfying and enriching experience 😎.

The Sprint-3 demo did go really well today, we could show good progress and results and are more confident now to deliver the expected results for the Proof of Concept by 09-Jan-23, as committed 🤔.

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4. Dec, 2022

Picture provided by Sketchplanations

Frank Andrade and his Python program from yesterday is still doing great, he has already two Quarter-final games predicted right and one more is still possible 🤔.

The picture today fits well to the opinion sharing topic from yesterday. If you have somebody, who gives you a helping hand and has a great proposal how to improve, please listen!! Being too busy is no excuse. And you can learn from Albert Einstein  once more -- “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

During our ballroom dancing training today my post about the Japanese soccer team came up again 😉. I found another nice story supporting their very special culture and way of approaching things that you would not see somewhere else - Train Station Closes After Its Lone Student-Passenger Graduates

3 working weeks left before the Christmas break, there is a lot of stuff still to be done, we start full speed tomorrow with our Sprint-3 demo. Have a surprising, interesting and successful week.

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3. Dec, 2022

Top picture from FIFA World Cup Knockout and bottom one from - Predicting The FIFA World Cup 2022 With a Simple Model using Python by Frank Andrade

As you can see on the two pictures Frank's predictions of the last 16 teams in the 2022 tournament is not so bad. 10/16 teams correct and even 3/8 matches so far 👍. Frank potentially has a much more advanced approach than Paul the Octopus, who predicted Spain as the World Cup winner in 2010. And big-data super computer come to the same conclusion as Frank with his Python program, Brazil will win in 2022.

Maybe not so difficult to guess that a team from a warmer region like Brazil has an advantage in the hot climate of Qatar? As I am still not watching the games, what is even easier after Germany had to go home again after three games - the 2nd time after 2018, the focus is on interesting topics around the tournament. Like the Python program today 😎.

After all the discussion that did already happen before and at the beginning of the Qatar World Cup, going home after 3 games did motivate an exclusive circle of soccer experts in Germany to share their opinion, on top of the 80 million coaches we have anyway 🤩. Some experts really have a fair and critical / realistic view at the situation, but there are others who always complain, are super negative and have nothing to contribute besides being a soccer player many years ago. No success that is worth mentioning after they finished their career, but comments that sound like they are the only ones who can help to become successful again. Guys, shut up and do not waste everybodies time 🤔.

You can find a similar behavior in business environments. Teams spending a lot of time, effort, motivation, attitude and spirit, to be successful and meet expectations - are criticised and questioned from the outside. People creating a negative atmosphere, sharing rumors and challenging the team capabilities, setup and deliverables, but not in a direct discussion. They prefer the way via the senior management, what makes this approach even more critical, as it is not visible to the team for a long period of time.

As above - guys either shut up and let us alone or offer help, share improvement ideas and get involved to be successful together!! We are all working in the same company, so stop politics and get your hands dirty 😉. Complaining is so easy, when you do not have your skin in the game and just sit at the side line. Together we can.

"To be a CEO is a calling. You should not do it because it is a job. It is a calling, and you have got to be involved in it with your head, heart and hands. Your heart has got to be in the job; you got to love what you do; it consumes you. And if you are not willing to get into the CEO job that way, there is no point getting into it." -- Indra Nooyi, Indian - Businesswoman Born: October 28, 1955

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2. Dec, 2022

More Don McMillan videos at OR
America's #1 Nerdy Comedian Smart. Clean. Funny. --


[Only German] Was kann ich tun, was ich so noch nie getan habe?

Have a great weekend.

30. Nov, 2022

Picture and article provided by Frank Sonnenberg

"Human motivation is an essential topic for product managers and change leaders. Without motivation, clients won’t consider trying out our products, and co-workers won’t be interested in changing their ways of working." see --

Gratitude Is More than a Platitude – The Leadership That Works Newsletter (30-Nov-22)


P.S.: Will be away for the department X-Mas party tomorrow, back Friday :-)