29. Jul, 2016

What I learned in the nonverbal communication workshop.

The good thing with the different workshops during the outplacement phase is that you are meeting other people in a similar situation and you can share your thoughts and do some networking.

Yesterday I did participate in the nonverbal communication workshop, with the content mainly focussing on the basics and how this can be used during a job interview. See some general information at https://www.verywell.com/top-nonverbal-communication-tips-2795400 

A lot of stuff should be common sense, but it is good to recap and practice in a real-life situation and to get feedback from other people, how you are doing. Also seeing other people in the same situation and giving them some helpful feeback is a great learning experience.

In summary: It is good to know the rules and understand the potential traps during a job interview. BUT you should not block yourself from being authentic, when you always think about what you are doing in the moment and how this could be interpreted by the interviewer!!

If you are well prepared, focussed and confident with yourself, what can really happen? You are both in the room to get to know each other and the need of the company you did apply for. You did already pass the first hurdle and have been selected for an interview, well done. From now on this communication should be happening on the same level, as both sides have to make a decision, if this is going to be a right fit.

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