31. Jul, 2016

Quick summary of week four.

With my outplacement activities I finished 5 out of 25 steps and make good progress with the story writing (STAR - Situation, Task, Actions, and Results). This will be really helpful to improve my CV and introduction letters as well as during any job interview. The nonverbal communication workshop was very helpful and I have another two scheduled for next week.

For two applications I did not make it to the next round, but I did apply for four new positions and had a first job interview with a new headhunter Thursday. The interview did go pretty well and I will be added to their list of potential new profiles. We will see how this goes. Two more interviews with headhunters are scheduled for the coming week.

During last week I also had the opportunity to listen to a webcast of Liz Ryan about job interviews and how to prepare yourself. Really interesting and very helpful, as a lot of content is common in all countries and cultures. As mentioned earlier, be self-confident and well prepared.

Looking forward to another interesting week 😉.