1. Aug, 2016

Get clarity about your new job and keep it.

A question that everybody is asking (e.g. any headhunter, your outplacement consultant, an HR person and even the search agent on your job site), what kind of job are you looking for? Sounds like an easy question, but it is not always easy to answer, because the details might change with the financial and/or time pressure you are facing, to find something new? 

At the beginning you are clearly looking close to your home (e.g. your kids are still in school and you do not want to move), have a good understanding of your target industries and do not want to travel 4 days a week like a consultant. You target a similar or higher role/responsibility in the new organization, with a comparable or higher salary plus other benefits. All understandable and it makes a lot of sense, as you have the education, experience and expertise from previous jobs. 

BUT you have to sell all this to the company you are applying to and the people you are interacting with during the whole process. A difficult task that even marketing experts are sometimes struggling with, as selling a product and selling themselves is still a big difference. 

Even worth for us, because marketing is not our key area of expertise. 😋 Thanks to the Internet, as there is a lot of good and helpful material out there and I did already mention some on my "Shared Links" page. There is much more, if you know what you are looking for.

Coming back to what kind of job are you looking for? I think we have to be consistent here over time and should not lie to us or our families during the process to find a new job. When you always go to anti-nuclear demonstrations for example, this is definitely not the industry you should be looking for a job. You could possibly be more flexible in the distance between the new job and your home, number of travel days per month, role in the new organization and your new salary, BUT do not give up your current benefits too easy and fast, as you did work hard for it in the past.

In the end both sides (we and the new company) have to be in agreement about the new job and that this is a good fit. Deciding for the wrong job due to financial and/or time pressure is only a short-term solution, as you will be back in the job seeker position pretty fast.