3. Aug, 2016

Keep your search/focus area broad enough ...

During the Kick Off workshop of my outplacement company the presenting consultant made a great comment about the focus area we are normally using during the job search.

When there is no time pressure at the beginning, we are working with a very narrow scope (similar to what I mentioned on 01-Aug-16) for the new job. The higher the time or financial pressure gets, the broader we are making the scope, to find any new job in the remaining time.

Why are we not working with a broader scope directly from day one onwards? 


  1. There is absolutely no risk, as it is our choice to accept a final job offer or not
  2. You will find a lot more opportunities and see, what is available out there
  3. More opportunities mean more possibilities to practice the whole application process (CV, introduction letter, collect proper information about the target company, job interviews, contract negotiation, etc.)
  4. More practice means, you will be more and more relaxed and getting better in the interview situation
  5. More interview opportunities mean, you are well prepared for the common questions and have your success stories at hand (STAR - Situation, Task, Actions, and Results)

And maybe your dream job is not 50, but 75 km away from your home? You will never find it, when your scope is too narrow.

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell