5. Aug, 2016

Better understand your roots, motivation and decision making.

In the last two days my teenage daughter did watch 10+ videos about her first two years of life, because she wanted to better understand, where she is coming from and how all did begin for her. An interesting approach to get more clarity about her roots, behavioral style and character that is still valid today.

For me and my business life a similar approach can make perfectly sense, as a starting point for the new opportunities I am currently looking for. Just doing a thorough recap:



  • Where did this all begin for me, what was the initial expertise I used?
  • Which strength did I develop further, which weakness was having an influence and which did not play any role at all?
  • Where did I take an active role to decide, how to further develop my career?
  • Where did other people take a leading/influencing role? Was there any luck or coincidence involved (e.g. being the right person at the right place at the right time)? 
  • What kind of training did help me a lot? Was there any successful mentoring/coaching or a great role model to follow?
  • Did I develop new capabilities during my career that have been helpful to be successful?
  • Any other topics to be mentioned that had a positive influence and did make a change for me?

As a result of this recap I will better understand my professional roots, motivation (https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/motivation) and decision making process.

Let's do it.