7. Aug, 2016

Current status after week five.

I did a lot of different things this week, but the focus was more on my private life this time 🙂.

6 out of 25 steps for the outplacement activity plan are done. I did participate in two workshops and had interesting discussions with three headhunters. I did not make it to the next round for three positions, but did apply for two new ones. So four positions are still in the race in the moment, we will see how this goes.

As mentioned in my earlier blog entry, I joined my teenage daughter in watching the videos of her first two years, what did take some time and was an interesting journey into the past. I also used the opportunity of a free afternoon to just take a walk to the city center together with my wife. Something, what is not easily possible during the normal work assignments and tight schedules.

So as the outplacement consultant said, finding a new job will take time (5.1 month on average) and should be handled like a small project, with milestones, defined effort and enough focus and motivation.

Fully agreed, but I think we should also use opportunities that come along to spend more time with the family and friends. Especially in summer time, when the holiday period is still on.

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