10. Aug, 2016

The elevator pitch or 90 second spot.

Yesterday I met my outplacement consultant again and we did discuss my progress in the market preparation phase. I did cover 7 of 8 steps already and the final and most challenging one is, what they call the 90 second spot, also known as elevator pitch  (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/4034-elevator-pitch-tips.html).

So how do you summarize your business life in 30 - 90 seconds, in an understandable language, with interesting content, keeping your audience focused and involved? In parallel bringing your message across and accomplishing, what you had planned with your short introduction (http://idealistcareers.org/a-quick-guide-to-writing-your-elevator-pitch-with-examples/)? Not an easy task, but it is definitely worth the effort and very helpful in a lot of situations.

Not only during a job interview ("Can you quickly lead me through your CV?") or any business networking event, but also in your private life to open a small talk conversation for example. Best case would be in an elevator to overcome the silence, but this is not happening so often 😀.

As already mentioned, no success without sweat and tears, so we have to take the time, get a high level structure in place and fill it with interesting content, even some flexible or changing parts, depending on the situation and audience. A good opportunity to make use of our success stories (STAR - Situation, Task, Actions, and Results), as people love to hear stories.

With all the preparation work I have done so far, I do have enough content to fill the 90 seconds. The only difficulty will be to select the right topics and make it interesting enough. But colleagues, friends and the family will be a good sounding board for the elevator pitch and it will be an iterational process anyway, to come to the final result.

I will start working on my 90 second spot tomorrow.