14. Aug, 2016

Six weeks gone, what is the status?

Still summer time and the job market is taking a break as well.

This week I did apply for two new opportunities and did not hear any NO for one of my active applications. Even better, I was invited for a job interview in early September. Great when you follow your own rules: I did apply for a job that did fit perfectly to my experience, maybe a little bit outside my regional focus, but we will see how this goes? Besides that I did organize my participation in two Recruiting Days in September and October. Will be interesting to see, what "old" professionals can learn there.

For my outplacement steps, I am done with 8 out of 25 and make good progress with the 90 second spot. I think I have the right structure now, just need to fill it with more content. And last but not least, two new headhunters did contact me with a job offer, so my presence in LinkedIn, XING and other job portals seems to be interesting for them.

For the "Life Work Balance", I had dinner with a colleague, who is in the same situation as I am. And my family did join me for the workshop on Friday and we had a great lunch afterwards. 

Writing this Blog is really a lot o fun for me (preparing the topics and thinking about an understandable way, how to bring the message across) and positive feedback helps, to proceed and to stay motivated. My Blog is one small piece of taking a different approach to my current job seeking and outplacement period. I was in a similar situation 10 years ago, so I know what I am talking about.

Special thanks to my wife 💋, who clearly told me not to spend 8 and more hours per day with pure job hunting and whatever is related to it again!! She did ask me to take a different approach and I am very happy with the outcome and experiences so far. Less is much more and helps a lot to do the right things right. And my wife is also happy (never be too optimistic at the beginning, when there is still a lot of room for improvement) about my approach so far.

Positive feedback is very rare for IT people, so we appreciate it very much. Normally our credo is "if there is no complaint, this is enough positive feedback for a day". Giving immediate positive feedback could be one of my future topics, but for the next seven days I will be on holiday and there will be no new Blog entry. Anyway enough time for my readers to think about other topics and to let me know.

If you have any feedback, questions, comments, ideas for new topics or just want to contact me, please use contact@RethinkAndFocus.com as there is no comment field available.