23. Aug, 2016

Back from summer holiday now.

Welcome back to everybody. After 8 days holiday I am back to my BLOG today. Thanks for reading my thoughts, 800 visits after 7 weeks is not bad without any effort on marketing.

Holiday is always too short, but my kids have to go back to school tomorrow, so there is no choice. It was a great experience and 8 days of family time, the second week of the summer olympics, some interesting sight seeing and a very low level of job seeking related topics is really helpful to RethinkAndFocus 🤩.

For two outstanding applications I did not make it to the next round. As always, nice statements and best wishes for the future, but nothing helpful to improve or change the approach. For one position it was definitely my salary expectation. I am not willing to work for much less than what I had so far. Only option could be a reduction of working days along with the reduced salary, but most companies are not ready for this idea yet.  

Today I did apply for a new job from a headhunting company and another headhunter did contact me during my holiday period. Tomorrow is my next meeting with my outplacement consultant and I have two proposals ready for the 90 second spot, one in German and one in English. I will see shortly, how close I am to the target already?

During my holiday I did get the interim reference letter from my last company, will be really helpful for my application process. And I have been contacted by the government labor office, as I told them before I left for my holidays that I am searching for a new job opportunity. First meeting will be end of September, these guys are really busy. Will be interesting to see, how this process goes after 10 years, because the last time in 2006 they told me after 5 minutes that they will not be able to help me at all. As I am a positive and optimistic guy, no complaints up front. Will be one of several interesting experiences during this journey.

And as mentioned earlier before my holiday, giving feedback, especially positive feedback, will be one of my next topics to focus on (http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2015/10/07/how-to-give-concise-positive-feedback/#373efaae5382). When I had my last day before I did start my garden leave period for example, I did send a good bye email to my IT organization and key customers and supplier contacts. I did get a lot of positive messages as response, what is normally no suprise when somebody is leaving a company, but in this case some people did really spend a lot of time on their feedback and did provide detailed explanations how and why they came to their result. 

So we all should give immediate positive feedback and not wait, until somebody is leaving the company.