26. Aug, 2016

Staying focused, when it is cooking hot outside.

The summer holiday is over, the kids are back to school and the summer is really starting hot this week. Some ventilation would be really helpful (no air condition at home), possibly next week. Anyway I am looking for a new opportunity and this needs enough focus to be successful.

The discussion about my 90 second spot this week did go pretty well. I am not there yet, but I am making good progress and know, what to change. As in most cases - Less is More and you should Keep it Simple - because the audience will not be on the same expert level as you are. Use simple words, no technical phrases and tell a story, people love to listen to stories. I will use a combination of pictures and text in my script. Will be helpful for me to remember the key information and high level structure, and to be flexible enough to adjust to the changing audience. I am participating in a workshop about the 90 second spot with my outplacement company next week. Looking forward to seeing, how other people approach this topic.

Yesterday I did start an initiative to look for headhunters (http://www.wikihow.com/Work-With-a-Headhunter), who cover my area of expertise and could be helpful to find a new job. I am pretty happy with the outcome so far, did get some good hints and arranged some phone calls for next week. It is always a small kind of "Sherlock Holmes" activity, when the name of the hiring company is not mentioned on the job description. Thanks to Google and the year 2016 that finding the right information gets much faster now.

The coming weekend will be pretty relaxed, we have a festival in town and the summer temperature will stay until Monday. Next week could be busy, some phone calls, the workshop Thursday and the recruiting day Friday. A lot of good hiring companies in one place and an interesting program around it. Looking forward to this, will be a great opportunity and learning experience.