29. Aug, 2016

Starting week nine today.

I had a great weekend and the hot summer will be taking a small break until Wednesday. Some time to breath and get some fresh air in. A nice picture for my current situation, as the daily challenge is to adjust to the changing job market and stay consistent and authentic with what made me successful so far. 

Some small examples to better understand:

  1. I am doing my tax statement with a computer program for years and the result was always matching the result of the tax office. This time I got a negative answer with a really weird explanation. I did send a letter stating my disagreement and the tax office told me that their computer program is right as an answer. In the next letter I did ask for a detailed explanation, how the tax office program is coming to the final result and got an answer back. By taking the exact same steps and making use of the publicly available tax tables I did come to my initial result. Finally, after several more weeks the tax office did agree with my initial numbers and I did get the delta paid out. So being patient and having the right information and supporting numbers does help to be successful in the end.
  2. I am reading a weekly magazine about the stock market and they had an interview with the CEO of a pharmaceutical company last Thursday. Everything was basically fine and they seemed to be in agreement with the private equity company owning some percent of the stocks. The annual shareholder meeting was scheduled for last Friday. This morning I did read that the chaiman of the board of directors had to leave his position immediately, because the private equity company and the majority of the shareholders did disagree with his work. So there are always two sides of a coin and the majority makes the decision, if you like it or not (especially in publicly traded companies).
  3. By reading another article I learned about a book "Rock your idea" by Martin Gaedt (sorry only available in German so far) that is talking about creativity and how companies are making or are not making use of it. He did bring an example about how a company culture can change during the different phases it is running through. At the beginning you need a lot of creative people to develop a product, later on the focus is more on marketing and sales, to make money with it (see at the end of the article looking for the headline --> Growing Up is Hard to Do, by Robert I. Sutton http://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/2712.html). Being informed about the current situation of a company will help us to make the right decision and better understand, why we are not considered for the next round for example.

This brings us back to the topic of hiring talent in general. There is so much change in the industry in 2016, guidelines for HR and the hiring process in general (manual, semi-automated, fully automated, etc.) that there is no guarantee for hiring at all, even when we seem to be the perfect match and are doing well during the interview process.

"Creativity isn't about wild talent as much as it's about productivity. To find new ideas that work, you need to try a lot that don't. It's a pure numbers game." Robert I. Sutton

"Renowned management guru Peter F.Drucker looked back at his 65-year consulting career shortly before he died. He concluded that great leaders could either be 'charismatic or dull' or 'visionary or numbers-orientated,' but the most inspiring and effective managers he knew all had said we rather than I." Robert I. Sutton