31. Aug, 2016

Feedback is very much appreciated.

After the summer holiday period the job market is getting up to speed again. Since Monday this week I did find 6 positions that could be a good match for me. 

To mention your salary expectation in the introduction letter or not is an interesting topic, as there are good arguments for both approaches.

  • If you are clear about your current and future target salary, you should mention it, when it is explicitly asked for in the vacancy. Being transparent is speeding up the process and properly managing expectations on both sides. Would be very helpful, if the vacancy could mention a salary range as well, because I just had two cases where the available budget for the position and my minimum expectation was still a big difference.
  • The other side argument is - not to get taken out of the selection process too early, because your mentioned salary range does not match the target salary for the position. Depending on your expertise and experience level the new company might still be flexible for some negotiation?

Some headhunter companies are giving an indication for the possible salary, great approach and very helpful for the job seekers!!

With respect to feedback as mentioned earlier, I had a great positive experience with a headhunter this week. I had seen that this company was looking for several IT positions and when the right one for me did come up this week, I did apply for the job. It was related to a consulting position, what can be very difficult for people with my background and age. As I knew the headhunter from a previous discussion 10 years back, we quickly agreed a phone call to get some details straight.

During the 30 minute phone call I did get some great insights, how consulting companies work and select new talent and employees. What their internal rules are and what you have to keep in mind, to even come close to their radar screen? Why the large consulting companies either prefer fresh talent directly from the university or experienced people coming over from a competitor. Taking a side entry as IT Manager with a lot of operational experience is very difficult to sell. Very helpful insights and a great support for me, to adjust my focus area for the new position I am looking for.

Besides the consulting details I did also get some feedback about my CV and the introduction letter I did send. Both very detailed and to the point, very helpful to get a different point of view from an experienced professional in the headhunting market. Thanks a lot again, very much appreciated.

Would be really great to have more interaction like this with experienced professionals. 🤩