3. Sep, 2016

Busy last two days, but great learning experience.

Thursday I had the "90-Second Spot" workshop. Really great learning experience and group dynamics. Sounds easy, but try to put your whole business life into an interesting story, in easy language for people that might not be familiar with your area of expertise. Share your motivation and drivers, some success stories (SPAR), why you are seeking for a new job and what this job should be - and all this in not more than 90 seconds. It is definitely possible, but you will need a good structure for the 90 seconds, you will have to select key stories and compress the content, you have to keep it interesting and understandable and it should still sound spontaneous. Good luck for a lot of work and enough time to practice, practice and practice. Take the time, this will be added value for you and your audience.

Some ideas how to approach this:

  1. How would you explain, what you are doing the whole day to a 3 - 6 year old kid?
  2. How would you explain to your new company, what is your personal brand, what is the added value only you can bring, what is your USP (unique selling point, http://www.jobs.ac.uk/careers-advice/jobseeking-tips/1303/step-by-step-identifying-your-job-skills-and-unique-selling-points)?
  3. If you would apply from the outside to your current position in your company, do you think you would have any chance to be successful and get the job again? If yes, great but why are you so confident? If not, what is your biggest concern?
  4. If you are not sure, who you are or this kind of thinking/approaching a topic is not familiar to you, do a SWOT analysis (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05_1.htm) or another personality test (http://www.personal-success-factors.com/6-best-free-strengths-test-sites/)

Friday, I did visit the Recruiting Day, what was mainly targeting Engineering positions for young (just fresh from the university as Bachelor or Master) and experienced professionals. I think I was the only one looking for an IT Manager position, what did really reduce the number of competitors and did lead to a lot of interesting discussions, with the companies present. In summary it was worth the effort and time and a great environment to practice the 90-second spot in real life.   

Besides companies presenting themselves and HR teams talking about the open positions they want to fill, there was also some room for presentations and discussion rounds about the hiring process in general. We are in 2016 now and nothing did really change in the last 27 years, since I started to apply for my first job. Besides your technical capabilities that can easily be checked/proofed by your diploma, certificates and references, the companies are still looking for your soft skills (http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2013/10/11/the-10-skills-employers-most-want-in-20-something-employees/#2ce598bc752d), and this is the same for young and experienced professionals. This brings us back to the 90-second spot and different ways, how to approach it. Telling a good story and sharing your STARs (Situation, Task, Actions, and Results) will make it much easier for your potential employer, to understand your soft skill capabilities. More to come ...

I am just realizing that I am close to passing the first 1000 reader count. Thanks a lot to everybody, who is reading my BLOG regularly or just for the first time. I hope you are enjoying my thoughts and can take some benefit out of it?

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