4. Sep, 2016

Quick statistics for week nine.

For the outplacement steps I am done with 10 out of 25 now. I did apply for 8 new positions and did get a NO for two in the same week. For two older ones I did get a NO as well.

In summary I have 10 open positions now. For two I will have a phone interview tomorrow and for another one a F2F interview on Friday. Thanks to Excel for properly keeping track of all these statistics, makes my life much easier.

Proactively contacting headhunters for the IT area is showing some promising results and I did initiate some good contacts in the last week. Also the recruiting day visit last Friday is bringing some additional contacts that could be of added value soon.

After week nine I am still feeling great and I am very confident for the coming weeks. Taking the decision to leave my company was the right step and it is opening the door to a lot of new, interesting and challenging opportunities.