6. Sep, 2016

Company career pages can drive you crazy ...

After the recruiting day last week I did spend some hours yesterday, to go through the 74 page catalog, with a lot of details about the 41 companies that did participate.

Really interesting to see, how different (colorful) you can approach a company career page that is supposed to be attracting new or experienced talent. Besides the basic information about the company, you would expect some - vision, mission, values, employee benefits, etc. - why this is the best company to work for? - what is the competitive advantage in comparison to other companies? - and a lot more marketing and sales stuff.

Besides the pure content of the page, for me (as Engineer and IT manager) the technical approach to and solution for the application process is also making a difference. This is a great way to show, what kind of company you are and how you treat your future employees.

And to be honest, I have seen a lot of great pages with valuable information, easy to access and the open positions list directly at hand. BUT there is also still a lot of bad solutions around, difficult to find open positions and valuable information for interested applicants, sometimes you do not find it at all. And it has nothing to do with the size, available money and resources or how well known a company is. 

The majority of the companies is taking the application process serious, some still have other priorities, what is difficult to understand, when everybody is looking for talent and expertise. There is an endless number of articles about this topic, just one as example https://www.ziprecruiter.com/blog/10-simple-steps-to-a-great-company-career-page-on-your-website/ 

Another pain point is the collection of your e.g. personal, education, career steps data and how to upload documents like your CV, references and introduction letter. We are in the 21st century now and driven/supported by a lot of great technologies in a lot of areas, but sometimes you just cannot believe, how complicated simple data can be collected and what the restrictions are for file uploads. The rest is silence ... 😥