11. Sep, 2016

Week ten is done now.

For the outplacement steps I am done with 11 out of 25 now. I finished the market preparation phase to enter the market entry phase now. To be well prepared for this, I will have a consulting session with a market strategy expert from my outplacement company tomorrow. The basic idea is to double check, what I am doing already (headhunter contacts, search engines for job portals, networking via e.g. LinkedIn or XING, companies and industries in focus, etc.) and where I can improve or change my approach. Will be interesting to see, I am looking forward to it. Next week Thursday another workshop is scheduled, this time the Job Interview will be covered.

I did apply for 5 new positions and did get a NO for two others. Once again the salary GAP issue, what will be difficult to overcome, as long as the job postings are not stating a high level range for the budget available. I had two job interviews this week and both did go really well, as far as I can judge it from my point of view. The final decision from the headhunters is expected in the coming weeks. During the last week I did arrange another two job interviews. One with a headhunter for a first get together and a second one with a guy who I met at the recruiting day two weeks ago. Besides that some more headhunters contacting me for potential job opportunities, more details to be clarified soon.

10 out of 26 weeks until the end of 2016 are gone. Still a long and interesting way to go.

Dreams will get you nowhere, a good kick in the pants will take you a long way. Baltasar Gracian