13. Sep, 2016

An interesting parallel track ...

On the other side of the street from my outplacement company the city is currently knocking down several buildings, to get space for something completely new. Some pictures on the left showing the progress, since I have started my regular meetings and workshops in July.

Could be seen as a kind of parallel track to what I am doing/experiencing in the moment? 🤭 In the end all old buildings have to be gone, to build a new shopping center. But as this area is in the city center, there is no way to blow it up with dynamite in one single step. It has to be taken down piece by piece and different materials have to be separated, due to the strong recycling guidelines of the government. Some pieces or materials can/will be reused, others will be going back into the production process, to become new steel or plastic in the end. Another challenge is the pure mass of building material that has to be transported out of town during the daily city traffic.

Sounds similar to my situation. The old job is gone and I have to look for a new one. Due to the garden leave period it is not an immediate impact and I have time to get things organized. The outplacement company is helping me to separate experience and expertise and get clarity around my SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). What can/should be reused immediately, and what has to go back into the process in an adjusted way for example? As I am working for 27 years already, there is some effort to be done, to select the right topics and reduce it down to the essence that really matters in 2016 for the new job!! Interesting 😉.

The first market strategy consulting session was great and I learned a lot. It is basically focused around, how to e.g. improve your XING and LinkedIn profiles, to become even more interesting for headhunters and potential new companies searching for talent. Besides that the search engines in job portals are improved to get better results and to reduce the overall effort. Next session is scheduled for next week, I am looking forward to it.

Peter F. Drucker: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” --> so in summary my driver "Do the right things right" is a good combination of Leadership and Management. Stay tuned ...