14. Sep, 2016

Are buzz words like e.g. digital transformation driving success during recruiting?

By using the right buzz words in your LinkedIn and XING profiles, you will be increasing the match rate with recruiters looking for talent and expertise.

Adding the word is easy, but really understanding the whole environment is a bigger challenge. A great example is "Industrie 4.0", basically the German way of describing IOT (Internet of Things). Another one is "digital transformation" (http://www.i-scoop.eu/digital-transformation/) --> in my easy words: How can an old-economy company for example, become similar successful like a Google, Facebook or Amazon, if this is possible at all?

Just today I did start to read a book about digital transformation "d.quarks - The way to become a digital company" (sorry only available in German so far http://www.murmann-verlag.de/d-quarks-der-weg-zum-digitalen-unternehmen.html). An interesting approach to compare the whole transformation process with Quarks in Physics, written by two PWC directors. I am 25% done and so far it is really simple to understand. Great examples and an easy model behind the d.quarks approach.