18. Sep, 2016

Week eleven was a more quiet week, to prepare a more busy week twelve.

A quick summary of my week eleven statistics. Besides the 1st market strategy meeting and the "job interview" workshop, I am done with 14 out of 25 steps for the outplacement activity plan now.

I did apply for two new jobs and one did already result in an invitation for a job interview next week 😉. For four older applications I did not make it to the right matching level (sounds better than a pure NO), to be invited for a first job interview. There was no explanation (as always) for three out of the four. The fourth one was taken back by the initiator. Two "NO" statements did come with an official letter by mail, I don't know why and if this way is better than an email answer for an online application? 

Week twelve will bring the 2nd market strategy meeting, two job interviews, two initial phone calls with new headhunters and one F2F meeting with a third headhunter. Will be a busy week, to do a proper preparation for all the interviews and phone calls. Plus keeping an eye on the job market and the results of my search agents from the different job portals I am using.