20. Sep, 2016

How to properly match talent in 2016?

There seem to be a nearly endless number of dating websites and companies, helping singles to find the "perfect match". Assuming that there is a lot of psychological expertise, personality testing and matching algorithms in the background, why can this approach not be reused for finding the right talent in the business context?

It can and it is already used by some companies, to find the perfect match for positions they want to fill with talents from the market. Here some links I did find with a simple Google search, but I did not really look into more details so far - and just examples to support my story and no idea for advertising from my side!! (https://www.pxtselect.com or https://talentspear.com/). There is also a German site https://www.matchingbox.de that I did look into a little bit more. It is basically using personality testing to get a better handle around the profile of the candidate, what is used later on as basis for their matching process. And surprise, surprise, these guys are coming out of the dating website industry 🙂. So far I did only run some personality testing, but the result is really very close to how I see myself, also confirmed by my wife. I will be doing more tests soon.

So in the end of this trend you can possibly apply for a new job just with your personality, psychological profile and leadership/management style --> no CV, introduction letter and references? Will this be the perfect world for candidates and hiring companies or something to worry about? I will do some more investigation out of personal interest.

Until then the candidates will have to further practice, practice, practice preparing their application packages, doing job interviews and to reduce a long career to some unique selling points and good stories.

Finally one idea for companies: Why are you not using a regular internal application process, when you are starting a new project or initiative? Will be a benefit on the company side to properly describe the profile you are looking for or the role you want to fill, and for the potential candidates, to have their documents current and to get the assignment after a good job interview.

This will also be a good opportunity for a regular feedback cycle to the candidates, after the application process. Something to think about?