25. Sep, 2016

My quick week twelve statistics.

A sunny Sunday after a really busy week twelve. The 2nd market strategy meeting was really great and a lot of positive feedback about the small changes I made to my Xing and LinkedIn profiles in the meantime.

I had 5 job interviews, 3 F2F and 2 on the phone. All did go really well and we will see, what the final feedback will be. I did apply for one new job and was not in the 75% match range for three other ones. They will proceed their process without me.

Four Engineering Services companies will add my profile to their pool of candidates. They will come back to me, if a project comes up needing my skills or one of their customers is looking to fill a position with my expertise. In summary I did get a lot of positive feedback about my profile and the rare combination of mechanical engineering and IT expertise. Seems to be an interesting symbiosis with respect to the ongoing digital transformation initiatives in the whole industry.

Next week I am looking forward to the 1st meeting with the government labor office, a workshop about headhunter networks and the next session with my outplacement consultant.