27. Sep, 2016

Digital transformation is still on.

I did read an interesting article from John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco in the Fortune magazine this week http://fortune.com/2016/09/14/cisco-john-chambers-digital-age/?iid=sr-link2. He is basically reducing the readiness for digital transformation to four simple questions. One of his focus areas is the availability of sufficient technology skills, what brings me to the second topic of this week, besides intensively taking care of finding a new opportunity, are our schools ready for the digital age (years 2010 - 2030, according to Mr. Chambers) requirements?

Just yesterday I learned about a conference called School Development Digital --> "Konferenz schulentwicklung.digital" that will happen in Berlin tomorrow. Different school types from different European countries are sharing their digitalization status per video, as preparation for the conference. Very interesting, to listen to the different approaches and sharing their experience from the last up to 10 years. Some key statements below:

  • digitalization of the school environment is a prerequisite to give students a chance to participate in the digital transformation
  • individualized learning can be very well supported by technology, it is the common language, it makes learning independent from time and place
  • the whole digitalization is based on TRUST and the students, teachers and parents taking RESPONSIBILITY for it together
  • new ways of learning require new ways of testing/checking results (verifying learning progress)
  • only “people most adaptable to change will survive

There will be live updates about the conference progress tomorrow, I will check and share key messages here.