4. Oct, 2016

As promised more details about the knitting idea.

There are a lot of benefits to Teaching Children Knitting (http://shecanlaugh.blogspot.de/2012/10/the-educational-benefits-to-teaching.html), as mentioned earlier. Besides Math, we see improved Problem Solving skills and to Maintain Focus for example. All very helpful expertise for the coming Digital Age and when you do knitting and learning in larger groups, it also supports communication, networking and integration activities. Skills more seen with women than with men.

Can digital transformation reimagine gender equality? - https://ascent.atos.net/how-can-digital-transformation-reimagine-gender-equality/ , possibly yes and we should be aware about it.

In the best interest of our children and ourselves, we should start to get prepared for the Digital Age and the required skills and expertise as quickly as possible. Better today than tomorrow.

I am still looking into the outcome of the digital school conference ("Konferenz schulentwicklung.digital" - sorry, only in German http://www.forumbd.de/werkstatt/konferenz-schulentwicklung/), a summary will come shortly.