16. Oct, 2016

Week fifteen highlights.

For the outplacement activities I am done with the market entry phase now and have finished 22 of 25 steps. I did apply for four new jobs and did not make it to the next round for two older applications. One of them was out of my extended focus area, where I did travel for the interview to southern Germany back in September.

The overall statistic of my applications so far: For 69% I did not make it to the next round, independent if this was directly after the application or the 1st interview. For 9% of the applications I have been added to the pool of candidates (mainly for headhunters) and the final 22% are still work in progress. For 16% of all applications I did make it to a 1st interview, for 2% to a 2nd interview so far. Not so bad as far as I see it, but the reaction time especially of companies could be faster.

What is on my agenda for the coming week?

  • On Wednesday I will be going to a HR fair in Cologne (http://www.zukunft-personal.de/). Will be interesting to see the other side of the table and what the 2016 HR department trends and topics are. Besides that a good opportunity to meet some headhunters and personnel services agencies.
  • Friday is another workshop of my outplacement agency - "8 success blocks for your network".
  • I am still working on the summary of the digital school conference material and try to bring some ideas and next steps on paper for my discussion with the school director of my daughter on 26-Oct-16. I did offer him some support during my garden leave period.
  • Finally the same school did invite parents to tell the students in the 8th grade about their jobs, what they did study and what they are doing the whole day now. I will be talking about my combination of Mechanical Engineering studies and IT Management after the autumn holidays.

Besides that more job applications and gathering additional knowledge about digital transformation. The DWSC16 Digital Workplace Summit (http://www.communardo.de/home/digital-workplace-summit-by-communardo/) on 15-Nov-16 and the DWNRW Digital Economy Summit 2016 (http://www.dwnrwsummit.de/) on 25-Nov-16.