18. Oct, 2016

Working out some slides for my school presentations.

An "Indian summer" like scene and weather in the moment and the trees are really looking great.

I am currently working on two projects for the school of my youngest daughter. One is the summary of the digital school conference and the other one to put some slides together, to explain the backgroud of the Mechanical Engineering study and what kind of skills and interests are required.

For the digital school conference I did put my summary of the preparation material plus the key findings of the conference notes together into one picture that will cover the focus areas for further discussion with the school director next week. It will be fairly simple now, to do a SWOT analysis for our school against the results and key topics of the conference. Besides that the German Minister of education did kick off an initiative last week for a digital knowledge-based society. The high level plan is to spend 5 billion EURO in 5 years for the 40,000 schools in Germany. The focus will be on hardware improvements (e.g. bandwidth, network, tablets), but the spending is bound to a strategic pedagogic concept for the school. Sounds great, but we will see how this goes in reality later. Anyway one additional topic for the discussion with the school director. 

Second topic is to explain the requirements for a Mechanical Engineering study to the students of the 8th grade, as preparation for their future school career planning. Good to see, what did change in the last 27 years and that a lot of interesting new topics did enter the curriculum now. Looks like the clear separation between a Bachelor and Master degree is bringing additional clarity and flexibility for the students and their future companies. The lesson for the school students will have 3 phases:



  1. Short introduction of my person and my career path so far and then focusing on the Mechanical Engineering study
  2. A Q&A session to make the students happy and get all questions answered
  3. And finally a practical part, to do some hands-on stuff. Still not decided yet, what I will do.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to the HR fair in Cologne. Will be interesting to see e.g. the balance between the "traditional, common" HR hiring and recruiting approach and the new "Start Up" way of doing things, ready for the Digital Age and making best use of "Big Data". Will give you a summary later this week.