23. Oct, 2016

Week sixteen summary.

I had a great week this week with a lot of different activities and influences on my job seeking task.

Quick recap on the last post, summarizing the HR fair: With respect to my Volleyball reference some additional thoughts. There are two big changes in Volleyball in the last 14 years, the rules how to play the game and the equipment e.g. the ball used, both very much influenced by beach volleyball. Similar changes in the application and job seeking market in the last 14 years - it is all online now, no paper anymore and some rules did change as well. As a lot of the hiring process is already automated or is in the process of being automated shortly, the matching between the candidate and the job comes to a different level. You need to focus even more on what you write and how you write it today, as you cannot assume anymore that only a human HR person is reading your application material.

Two other interesting things I have seen at the HR fair. A job portal, where you can select the potential benefits of the new position in your search agent already and another approach, where the company and the candidate are matched against each other based on the company culture. Sounds interesting and I will look into this in more details next week. 

During week sixteen I did apply for 7 new positions, did not make it to the next round for 1 job and have been added to the pool of candidates by another headhunter company. I have been invited for a 2nd interview by a headhunter I met several weeks ago already for next week. 

Last Friday I joined another workshop of my outplacement agency - "8 success factors or building blocks for your network". As always interesting people and good to see, how different people are approaching the same topic. You have people, who are completely against online networking out of good reasons, others who are preferring personal interaction much more than using a keyboard, but are starting to understand the benefits. And finally the more advanced online networkers with a lot of experience and running different activities in parallel. My BLOG was used as good example, how to make use of the available technology and to reuse these kind of initiatives for networking purposes as well. 

Thanks by the way to the 15 - 20 readers every day, who are reading, what I am writing. Very much appreciated and a great motivation to come up with interesting topics.

For my school presentation next week the "practial session topics" have been decided in the meantime. The students will have the chance to decide between 5 topics:

  1. A quick introduction of their own only with using pictures
  2. Creating a Word Cloud about their USP
  3. Interesting questions from job interviews
  4. Some IQ or personality tests
  5. Creating a 3 side view (technical drawing)

Will be interesting to see, what the students will select in the end? I am really looking forward to this session, as kids are great in giving honest and direct feedback, something what is really missing during the job seeking and application process.

"Ask for feedback from people with diverse backgrounds. Each one will tell you one useful thing. If you're at the top of the chain, sometimes people won't give you honest feedback because they're afraid. In this case, disguise yourself, or get feedback from other sources." - Steve Jobs