26. Oct, 2016

The school presentation was today.

As mentioned earlier I had the school presentation today, giving the students some insights into Mechanical Engineering and IT Management, as preparation for their next steps after 8th grade. 

First thing I realized, the participation of girls was much higher than expected. When I started my studies in 1982, we had 1200 students in total and only 20 women (1.7%), today we had around 20% girls, what is showing a good trend. The general introduction part and information sharing session did go smoothly and as always not a lot of questions. Kids in the age of 13 - 15 are still very shy in a public environment (in front of their colleagues).

For the practical part the students had the chance to decide between 5 topics:


  1. A quick introduction of their own only with using pictures
  2. Creating a Word Cloud about their USP
  3. Interesting questions from job interviews
  4. Some IQ or personality tests
  5. Creating a 3 side view (technical drawing)

As we had only 7 laptops for 30 participants, some students did focus on the tests (4.) and we did skip the word cloud (2.). Some did the introduction with pictures (1.) and others the 3 side view (5.). We did split the remaining group in two parts and did go through the job interview questions (3.) two times. 

It was interesting to see, how the two groups did approach the questions and where the general constraints (areas for further improvement) are, like:

  • Reading a longer text and understanding the content, to work out a solution
  • Have the right arguments ready to support a statement and defend their solution proposal
  • Apply basic mathematical rules
  • Make assumptions that make sense and bring the problem solving forward
  • Taking the situation serious enough and to understand that we are there to help

In the final feedback session the students were happy to get some real life insights into the jobs presented and to have some practical sessions as part of their agenda today. I think it was a great day. The kids still have some time and way to go through their school career, before they will make the final choice, what to do after school, but today was a good starting point and I learned a lot as well 🙂.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” – Mark Zuckerberg, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Facebook.