30. Oct, 2016

My week seventeen highlights.

This week was a little bit more quiet with respect to job activities, I have no idea why? But I used the time to help the school of my youngest daughter, as I described earlier this week.

I did apply for two new jobs, did not make it to the next round for another three (one position was filled with an internal candidate), was added to the candidate pool of one headhunter company and did arrange a first interview with another new one for next week. Besides that I had a second interview with a headhunter and engineering services company for a project assignment. I will hear back by mid November latest.

Besides all this I have seen two interesting things in all the job descriptions I have read last week. One description was for a job I did apply for several month back and where I did not make it to the next round after a first interview with the headhunter. The job seems to be open again for applicants, only the name of the position did slightly change. The other one is for a position I did apply for end of July 2016 and I still did not hear back, if we will proceed and how. I did check back with the company two times in September and October already, "but the selection process is not finished yet."  Interesting, because this position did come up as new post on Stepstone this week. If a company is working like this in the recruitment process, do I really want to work there?

Anyway, if you need more ideas how to find companies to work for, look at http://www.greatplacetowork.net/ for your country for example. Or companies in stock indexes at your countries stock exchange. And finally do not underestimate the quality of the job offerings in XING and LinkedIn, compared to the big job portals like Indeed, Monster and Stepstone.

Finally I passed the 2000 number, for people accessing my BLOG page today. Thanks a lot for this to YOU, very much appreciated and an ongoing motivation to stay focused.