2. Nov, 2016

Back to the job seeking activities after a long weekend.

Due to a bank holiday in my region yesterday, we had a kind of long weekend and could make use of the nice autumn weather for a walk into the forrest close by.

Just today I heard back from the company I mentioned in my week seventeen summary and that I did apply for end of July 2016 --> "Due to the hugh number of applications they had to make a preselection and I am not in the final list of candidates." 😉 lucky me. Taking August out as holiday month this was two complete month to make up their mind for preselection - no further comments.

Besides that I made some fine tuning of my job portal search agents today and did start to prepare my target company list. This list will be used to get access to the so called "hidden job market", a market you can only access via your XING or LinkedIn network or some really good relations with people you know. Will be interesting to see, what kind of opportunities come up that are not visible already in the job portals or are handled as headhunter open positions so far?

Some interesting stories below with respect to the generation X, Y and Z thoughts and how to adjust our own behavior in a transforming world.

Enjoy reading. I will close with a sentence I have read today:

Question: What makes up companies?                                                                                                                                                   Answer: A company is made up by the vision and the people making it happen - so focus on the people who are realizing your vision!!