6. Nov, 2016

Week eighteen is gone now.

In the past week I did apply for four new positions and did not make it to the next round for another four, I did apply for some weeks back. For one position the initially agreed salary with the headhunter was reduced further down, no chance to meet this level. Another job was already filled, but wrongly posted again in a job portal due to an IT issue.

I was added to the candidate pool of two new headhunters and the phone interview I had with one of them did go pretty well this week. As already mentioned earlier, headhunters are making money with candidates, but only when they have a fitting vacancy available. Sometimes it just takes time, until you hear back.

This week I also finished my target company list with 22 names of companies in the three large cities around my hometown. Will be interesting to see, what contact names or job opportunities my outplacement company will come up with for these companies?

And finally my "big day" on Friday, where I did get a certificate for my 25th membership anniversary in The Association of German Engineers (http://www.vdi.eu/). The group with 25 years of membership, the so called "young guns", was the largest one. 16 people with 2 women (the only 2 in all categories). The next categories have been 40 (12 people), 50 (5), 60 (6) and 65 (2) years of membership. Looking at the numbers you could say an "old boys network" again, but as I have seen in the school last week, the interest for technical topics is increasing with the girls and behind every engineer is a strong woman already. 

So if all fathers are motivating their daughters (should be ~50% of the population), just to be more open for MINT (in German) or STEM (in Englisch: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics/subjects, this will be a big step forward.

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders,” according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg