10. Nov, 2016

Looks like a good week this week ...

Yesterday I had a phone interview with a new headhunter company. The job I did initially apply for will not pay the salary I am asking, but they are focused on the area around my hometown and I am now in their candidate pool.

Later in the evening I did get a call from the HR department of a company I applied for in mid October and we agreed a F2F job interview for tomorrow noon time. Pretty short notice, but a benefit of my garden leave period, as I am really flexible in the moment 😉. I did learn a lot about the company and the position in the last two days, should be well prepared for the interview.

Today I got a reaction from the HR department of a company I applied for yesterday. This is what I call quick reaction, very much appreciated. We did clarify some open questions on the phone and my application will be forwarded to the decision makers. I will possibly hear back in the next two weeks.

Before I go a nice link of the "Leadership Freak - Dan Rockwell" blog. He writes about pretty interesting topics, easy to read and understand. Today he covered WHY YOU DEVALUE YOURSELF AND OTHER PROBLEMS WITH STRENGTHShttps://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/2016/11/10/why-you-devalue-yourself-and-other-problems-with-strengths/. Something to think about, especially related to my latest topics, how to adjust during the digital transformation.