12. Nov, 2016

How many hidden jobs might be out there?

This morning I have seen a job advertisement, where the job title did not really match the content of the description. The company was looking for a Manager IT Development, but it sounded more like a Web or e-Commerce platform designer maybe developer.

My standard search approach is to make best use of the different search agents of the top job portals. Some of them are offering a simple command line syntax, to search for key words in the job title or the whole advertisement text. You can for example use AND/OR to combine keywords or exclude other words, to come to a better result.

I only search on the job title, as this delivers the better result for me out of experience so far. Some job portals still deliver a list of 500+ positions, no way to read all content, and I am just checking the job titles to see, if interesting positions are included. If other job seekers are taking a similar approach and there are more examples for my case from this morning (title not really matching content), how many positions might be out there that nobody will find, because they are kind of hidden for the common approach?

Interesting and a real room for improvement for the quality of job advertisements.

Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures. Tom Peters