13. Nov, 2016

My week nineteen statistic ...

Quick summary of my last week statistic: I did apply for four new positions. For an older on the position was already filled and for another one I was added to the candidate pool, as the salary for the target position did not match. I had a phone interview with a headhunter and a F2F job interview on Friday that did go really well, as far as I can judge it from my side.

I just passed the 2328 access number to my BLOG and the average number of weekly "readers" - I still assume people who access my BLOG are also reading, what I am writing 😙 - did increase by ~20% in the last 5 weeks compared to the previous 5 weeks. Really motivating numbers, thanks for staying connected.

Next week I will be visiting the Digital Workplace Summit in Dresden (sorry only available in German -  https://www.communardo.de/digital-workplace-summit-by-communardo/) besides my standard job seeking activities. Will keep you posted about my findings at the summit.

And finally an interesting question from my job interview on Friday. 

On a scale from 1 (being: e.g. can we please immediately stop this interview ...) to 10 (being: e.g. great stuff, perfect job, can I start here tomorrow), how do you feel and would you rate the current interview and situation? My answer was 8. Germans will never give a 10, as there is always room for improvement. Based on what I did learn about the company and my counterparts in the interview and recruiting cycle so far, my honest answer was 8. The company is really on a growth path (they had external support to speed up their recruiting capabilities) and they have a great and future proof product. A German company, midsize in number of employees, but with a global focus and large scale mindset. The plan is to make a decision about filling the position before Christmas. When I will stay in the race and can learn more about the next steps and processes, my 8 might go up to a 9, as this company is active in a new industry for me. Looking forward to the next six weeks 🙂.