18. Nov, 2016

Digital Workplace Summit Part 1

The summit was split up in four tracks. I did only focus on the three below (I left Atlassian Confluence and Jira out on purpose):

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Digital Workplace Solution
  3. Digital Workplace Technology

The agenda for all three tracks was pretty packed and I tried to get a good coverage for all of them, plus some technical background/basics, insights into different industries and company sizes. I listened to presentations from the organizing company, a soccer club, a publishing conglomerate, a logistics firm, somebody from automotive, a financial consulting and even a midsize construction company. Finally I joined an interactive workshop about the "Digital Journey" all companies have to take sooner or later, to stay connected to the digital age.

As I am still waiting for all presentations and videos to become available, I will just summarize my first impression here:

  • The digital workplace seems to be looking for fully integrated work environments. All necessary functionality on the same screen --> e.g. Wikis, Internet, Intranet, Chats, Peer-to-Peer video (e.g. Skype), Office applications, document management, workflows, global team collaboration without barriers, learning, etc. --> some technical solutions are e.g. Slack, MS Office365, Atlassian Confluence and many more
  • Everything has to be AGILE, with ZERO IT, cloud based, available on demand and fully flexible to grow or shrink, when required
  • People have to connect - collaborate, share (ideas and information), standardize and automate processes
  • The company of the future will have a much smaller CORE, a larger surrounding environment and much more satellites (remote and home offices) compared to the current situation
  • As always, tools and technical solutions are already available in the market, when you have a process defined and know, what you are planning to do, just select
  • The human being is causing the issues and can be the enabler or blocking point for the digital transformation of any company --> What is in it for me? Needs a clear, sufficient, understandable and motivating answer, to get people going - to change existing stuff or start something completely new
  • There are a lot of potential conflicts between --- young and old people - the staff and the management - people working offline and online - applications used in private and business life - home environments and company IT - and many more --- also this needs to be covered
  • "When you make a bad process digital, you can only end up with a bad digital process and nothing better !!"

More to come ...