20. Nov, 2016

Latest week twenty changes ...

Based on a request, improvement idea and motivation of my wife, I will be opening comment fields on my BLOG starting today. I hope you like it and make best use of the new functionality. So far everybody could send me an email to contact@RethinkAndFocus.com, but to be honest, besides some test emails to check, if the functionality is still working, I did not get any email in the last 20 weeks and from the 2535 attempts accessing my webpage so far.

Some quick statistics for week 20:

  • Two new applications send out
  • For three others I did not make it to the next round or have not been shortlisted, as one of the HR ladies called it in her final thank you letter
  • For one headhunter I made it to the candidate pool, as the position I initially applied for was not the right fit
  • And for another position I even had to create a new category in my statistic Excel sheet. I did apply back in April 2016 and did not hear anything since then. In their online tool the status was always and still is "processing application". So I decided that I am not interested anymore and will stop further tracking activities immediately
  • For two other applications the headhunters did check my documents properly and will send them forward to their customers - there I am shortlisted now, sounds promising

Next week will be busy besides my regular job seeking activities:

  • Tuesday I will have my 2nd meeting with the government labor office to discuss and track my progress so far
  • Thursday I will be near Frankfurt for an IT Leadership Series - Leading IT Like a Business (Elevating the Value and Impact of IT on the Business)
  • Friday I will be in Essen for the Day of the Digital Economy in Northrhine Westfalia (http://www.dwnrwsummit.de/ only in German, no tickets available anymore) 
  • And I am planning to give some more insights and thoughts about ATS - "To narrow their pile of applicants, most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS allows recruiters to search from thousands of resumes with relevant keywords and determine which ones should be reviewed further. They often eliminate up to 75% of applicants." I have my notes ready already, just have to put it down in some sentences.