27. Nov, 2016

Week twenty one summary.

What did happen in the last busy week? Three new applications, two NOs and another two additions to candidate pools of headhunters. The meeting with the government labor office  did go well, we did initiate the necessary activities for the end of my garden leave period end of 2016.

I did already summarize the Thursday workshop and the highlights of the Friday summit will follow shortly.

Next week will be interesting for me as well:

  • Tomorrow I will be going to a 40+ age recruiting event with companies from the IT and insurance area
  • Tuesday is another workshop at the outplacement company to get some more insights into the collaboration with headhunter companies
  • Besides that I plan to take a Management 3.0 online course https://management30.com/events/online-management-class/ and to work on an online certificate for several business and economic topics, offered by the government labor office

A short teaser for the #DWNRW summit summary:

  • Always see digital transformation as change
  • Decision cycles have to be much faster - do, check, fail, start new
  • Learning is the power today and not knowledge anymore
  • IT security is the next big trend in private and business life
  • ...