2. Dec, 2016

A short update about ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

Yesterday and today I found some time to update my CV, based on the very much appreciated feedback that I did get from two headhunters in the last weeks and some learning from the job40plus event on Monday this week.

With the advice below and the scanning results that I did get from the https://www.jobscan.co/ tool, I improved my CV in several steps:

  • Do not compress too much information in too less pages, 3 - 4 pages is fine.
  • Provide a good mixture of short success stories based on the STAR idea (Situation, Task, Actions, and Results), and do not forget to mention the benefits of your involvement for the company. This is what CEO's, CTO's, CIO's, Directors and Senior Managers like to read.
  • Have a clear structure - your basic introduction and your brand / unique selling points - high level summary of your core competences and success stories - overview of your different positions and companies so far.

Before I started the changes, my CV match rate (key word, hard/soft skill comparison and matching between the text in my CV and the job description) was 41%. By following the advice above and reworking especially my core competences and success stories part, I did go up to 57%, 70% and finally ended up with 83%. Everything above 80% is great.

I did send a preliminary version of the changed CV to a guy this morning as preparation for a phone call and he was really impressed 🙂. Time well spend. Later today I did apply with the updated CV for the job that I used as reference for the job description matching. This company is using Taleo as their recruiting platform tool, a tool well known for applying ATS processes. Will be interesting to see, how this application goes?

Finally with respect to being self-confident and on the same level with the headhunter or hiring company during the recruiting process, have a look at Liz Ryan's latest post http://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2016/11/27/how-to-evaluate-a-recruiter-in-thirty-seconds/#664cb0aa4ce7 

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe