4. Dec, 2016

Week twenty one and #DWNRW summit summary.

Another week gone and a lot of new stuff learned during the last 7 days. I did apply for five new positions, did only get one NO and was added two times to headhunter candidate pools. I am now sure I do not need to go back to the job40plus event the next time, and got some great insights into the ways of working in the executive search area. Besides that I had a very informative and interesting phone call with a guy who is currently building up a startup company, to get some market share of the digital transformation market for midsize companies. And a headhunter did send me a job offer, based on my data in their candidate pool - so this model is working - but it was in the wrong city for me.

Next week I plan to update my German CV in a similar way, as I did it for my English one already. I have my next market strategy advice meeting with my outplacement company on Thursday morning and the meeting in the school of my daughter about "a strategy for the proper usage of digital media" in the afternoon.  Besides that I plan to start with the online training that is still on my todo list when there is sufficient time, as it will take around 20 hours.

Thanks again to my regular readers, as we are approaching the 3000 on the counter quickly, already 2917 in the moment. Yesterday I did get a phone call from two guys from my former team, who have been in a workshop in Germany the last week. Great to hear from them and they told me that they are reading my BLOG, whenever they are frustrated about their work or think back to our time together. What a great motivation to proceed with sharing my progress and thoughts. If anybody else wants to share some comments or ideas, please make use of the new comment field or the email address mentioned.

And finally now my subjective summary and notes of the #DWNRW summit in Essen last week:

  • Always see digital transformation as change, be agile
  • Decision cycles have to be much faster - do, check, fail, start new (fail fast, failures are acceptable)
  • Learning is the power today and not knowledge anymore
  • IT security is the next big trend in private and business life
  • Start your thinking from the customer and not from the product side anymore
  • Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) was talking about a combination of Head, Heart and Hand. Digital transformation needs to start with the heart
  • A lot of people believe you need to take a disruptive approach, take action outside of company boundaries, young people - startups - innovation hub - virtual rooms to try out - independent from company structure, organization and processes. One example is Kloeckner connect (https://www.kloecknerconnect.com/) - Kloeckner a steel trader in Duisburg was starting an external Digital Transformation with a team of digital natives from Berlin (startup hub) - solution is an open eCommerce platform --> Kloeckner connect
  • Next 2 year trends: eSIM for IoT devices and 5G telecommunication networks
  • Realize possibilities of technology, give technology a chance, keep an eye on risks and security
  • The vicious circle of Digital Transformation: Startup wants to be midsize, midsize wants to be enterprise, enterprise wants to be startup (Cultural differences between a large company and startup structure) --> Startups are faster to decide and test, change structures in organization
  • Enterprises have an innovation dilemma, just further improving existing solutions in small steps, not really making disruptive changes e.g. Automotive (taking decisions)
  • Digital transformation does NOT mean eCommerce --> Business model change, survival of the fittest, no second winner !!
  • Business model innovation, still support running business, incubator for new ideas staffed with new people, having an independent view !!
  • Show quick success stories to get acceptance, buy in and support
  • To drive the Digital Transformation in NRW several digital hubs have been created
  • Different skills are required: Collaboration, team work, make mistakes, be quick, flexible, agile, own motivation, self-confident, think in small pieces
  • And you can give companies like Amazon a really hard time, when you are burning for your business and ideas. Great example was the current CEO of Photo Koch in Duesseldorf (https://www.fotokoch.de/). He did rebuild the shop and strategy of the company that was founded in the 1950's into a modern shopping experience. He gave the best presentation for me and was much better than the Uber EMEA representative, who possibly has the more fancy product, but was far away from burning for anything.
  • In the end people make the difference and change, as always.