6. Dec, 2016

A first recap of 2016 ...

Today is 06-Dec-16 and the year 2016 is nearly over. Some working days left and then the holiday period with Christmas and New Year's eve. A good time to recap 2016 and to think about, what did go well or could have been better?

In the last years my wife, kids and I did create a next year calendar with the pictures we have taken during the current year, for family members and friends. Always an interesting period of time, to see in pictures, what has happened in the previous month. Unbelievable how quickly you forget, especially the positive stuff, the negative takes a little bit longer to get lower in priority. I strongly believe the same should be done in business life on a regular basis, to re-celebrate the success stories and keep the awareness of the areas for improvement. Anyway a good input for the next year objective setting for team and personal goals.

Related to this the common opinion (as far as I see it) that people in general believe that they are not making any impact on their environment or are not influencing other people. This is not the case!! In the last weeks we could see The Red Band Society (http://www.albertespinosa.com/en, Club der roten Baender) on German TV every Monday. Yesterday the main character had the chance during a dream session to see how his and the life of his friends would have been changed, if he never had cancer and there would have been no need to stay in hospital for a very long period of his life. Good for him, but bad for others:

  • There would have been no Red Band Society at all
  • Good friends would have never met
  • Motivation and support in critical situations would be missing
  • Decisions would have been taken differently
  • and so on ...

You are having impact and you are influencing people, you just might not be aware about it or you do not see an immediate difference right now.

A lot of philosophical stuff today, why not? Something to think about 😉.

My experiement with the adjusted CV for the ATS system did not work out, as I did get the NO yesterday. I have no idea why and there is no real chance to find out. Anyway, I will proceed fully motivated with other companies. Below some interesting links, if you have spare time to take a look:

P.S.: Tim Ferriss, one of my favorite authors, has a new book in the shops now - Tools of Titans - The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers (https://toolsoftitans.com/?utm_campaign=TOTbook&utm_medium=email&utm_source=CL