9. Dec, 2016

Experience comes from experiencing something ...

To make even better use of some spare time, I will do a self-test and take an online training of Python Programming at Udacity (https://www.udacity.com/course/programming-foundations-with-python--ud036).

Why Python? "Python’s clean, English-like syntax has helped make it the most recommended first programming language.". It was a recommendation in the 9 enterprise tech trends for 2017 and beyond (http://www.infoworld.com/article/3147094/application-development/9-enterprise-tech-trends-for-2017-and-beyond.html), and my last real programming experience is some years back 😀. 1st Fortran at the University in the 80's, then Pascal, then a lot of Linux shell scripting. Will be good to see some 21st century stuff and to get into Object-Oriented Programming.

Why Udacity? Just read their Mission: Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world. We believe that higher education is a basic human right, and we seek to empower our students to advance their education and careers. Education is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong experience. Education should be less passive listening (no long lectures) and more active doing. Education should empower students to succeed not just in school but in life. Great curriculum, great teachers and the required content for the digital transformation, even for FREE.

I will do this with the following mindset:

  • Just do it, get real, experience new possibilities/ideas, make your hands dirty, feel the real pain
  • Being a role model and "eat your own dog food"
  • A fair understanding of programming will be one key for the digital transformation
  • In a Startup mindset/environment everybody has to understand/do everything
  • To learn about new technologies, content and "Teaching 4.0"
  • Process automation starts with understanding the underlying problem, finding rules or algorythms to describe it and putting it into a programming language in the end
  • To have fun
  • Lifelong learning
  • Staying motivated and being flexible
  • ...

Will keep you posted. AND thanks for getting my BLOG counter above 3000 already. 👍