9. Dec, 2016

Quick summary of the market strategy advice and the school meeting yesterday.

In the morning I had the meeting with the market strategy consultant from my outplacement company and we had some interesting discussion about changes in the recruiting and job seekers market. As mentioned several times already, a digital transformation is happening there as well. To reduce the candidate pre-selection time and effort, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) are more and more common. In order to come to a high quality result, a lot of effort has to be spend up front into requirements clarification and role/position definition and specification. Something, what is still lacking in a lot of job descriptions you can read every day as job seeker.

When you have been shortlisted, detailed assessment questionnaires and psychological profiling and testing will get a much higher priority, as CV, company completion/interim certificates and introduction letter content, is not really reliable anymore in a lot of cases. A best possible match with the company values and solving real-life hands-on tasks (e.g. test programs for future Google Software Engineers http://www.impactinterview.com/2009/10/140-google-interview-questions/#software_engineer) for the target position, seems to be much more common sense? We will see more of this more often.

In the afternoon we had the working group in the school of my daughter, to talk about the usage of digital media in the coming years. Besides an expert from a university for media didactics and knowledge management (a consultant for the school paid by the city), I was there as parents representative and two teachers (three others could not be there yesterday). Initial idea is to get a better overview of the AS-IS situation with respect to digital media usage competences of the students in different categories (see below) and per grade and subject:

  • Use and apply (digital media)
  • Inform and research
  • Communicate and cooperate
  • Produce and present
  • Analyze and reflect on

Until the next meeting in early February 2017 teachers, parents and students are expected to fill in the competences by category in a summary sheet, to get a broad overview and to see differences in the perception of the different participant groups.

As the digitalization of the school environment and the digital transformation of a company has a lot of commonalities, this topic came up during the discussion yesterday. Both approaches have three easy and comparable steps. You just have to agree on who is the customer, what is the operational process and business model?

  1. Transforming Customer Experience
  2. Transforming Operational Processes
  3. Transforming Business Model

More details in the MIT Sloan Management Review http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-nine-elements-of-digital-transformation/