18. Dec, 2016

Week twenty three and close to Christmas already.

Next week is the last week before the holiday season and then 2016 will be gone already. Unbelievable how fast a year can pass by?

This week I did apply for four new positions, did not make it on the shortlist three times and was added to the candidate pool of two new headhunters. Besides that I had one F2F interview and another one via Skype. I will hear about the headhunter decision tomorrow. When I make it to the short list the first interview with the management board will still be before Christmas, as the position has to be staffed quickly. We will see 🙂.

I finished one of four courses of the Operating economic fundamentals, offered by the government labor office. First do the necessary (the government course) and then start the fun part (Udacity Python programming), to be quicker and stay motivated.

As we are close to 2017 and Christmas is in front of the door, some interesting links to get prepared for you:

Enjoy reading and make the best possible use of the last busy week, before some more quiet weeks, to finish 2016 well prepared for 2017.