20. Dec, 2016

All high performance requires focus ...

Another great post from the Leadership Freak (https://leadershipfreak.blog/2016/12/20/5-powerful-leadership-behaviors-any-leader-can-do-in-2017/) that I can also perfectly use for my comments today - "All high performance requires focus. Chasing urgencies dilutes success."

I see this a lot in the interaction with headhunter companies during the last several month. Sometimes for job seekers like me it is really tough, frustrating, surprising, open and honest, top secret, difficult to wait for any reaction, and even funny to work with them on open positions. Below just some of several examples that I realized lately. I will try to describe this as neutral as possible, but it should also be a hint for potential areas for improvement, as we need to come to a win-win situation for all involved parties and feedback goes both ways 🙂:

  • Budgets are tight and recruiting companies are already negotiating salaries down, before they even talked to the candidate for the first time. In the mindset of "You get, what you paid for" this trend is going in the wrong direction and will not work out from a total cost of ownership perspective.
  • As long as you are a high potential candidate for a position that needs to be filled urgently, you are treated like customer first, but in the moment you are not shortlisted anymore, the focus goes down dramatically. I do understand the business model, but in the interest of a longer and beneficial relationship, there is room for fine tuning.
  • Especially in the Executive Search area there are a lot of secrets about the company name, the position, the circumstances, etc., what is understandable, when it is a strategic hiring or the old position holder is still in place. But sometimes these secrets are just going too far. How can you answer a question about your willingness to relocate for example, when you do not even know the new location? The new working relationship has to meet both side's expectations, so do not try to clarify everything at the first moment. This process takes time and this is okay.
  • I have discussed the content of the final thank you email - that you have not been selected for the next round of interviews - already and that there is not a lot of flexibility for open and honest feedback possible, due to legal reasons and constraints. BUT it would be really a great sign of appreciation, when the content fits to the initial application and makes logical sense. Applicants are expected to deliver nearly perfect documents, an acceptable quality from the receiving side would be very much appreciated as well.

There is a lot more, but enough for today. We are all humans and mistakes happen sometimes, especially under time pressure. Anyway we should always try to be smart and treat people in a fair way, they all deserve it.