29. Dec, 2016

The year and my garden leave period is nearly over now.

Tomorrow I will give my company car and ID card back to my employer and this will finish ten years of employment and my garden leave period by 31-Dec-16. I had great times, great teams, colleagues and managers, but some issues, discrepancies and conflicts as well. In summary a positive experience and time I do not want to miss. 

The six month garden leave period did pass by unbelievably fast. I did learn a lot about e.g. digital transformation, recruiting and technology trends in 2016, and also myself. New insights into unknown areas of expertise, lifelong learning and staying curious. Spending time in your own speed and fully under your own control is really something everybody should appreciate and enjoy, whenever possible and definitely more often 🙂.

I will open a new chapter on 01-Jan-17, fully motivated and looking forward to an interesting assignment that will come up sooner than later, I am pretty confident. Even working self employed could be an option that needs some further investigation after New Year's Day.

Will be busy the next three days with celebrations, my wedding anniversary is coming up tomorrow as well - I have a great wife and she is doing lifelong learning about me every day, even after 13 years - , but I will share some interesting links with you, just in case you have some spare time to spend?

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. Oprah Winfrey