7. Jan, 2017

Be ready for changes, any time ...

My job interview on Thursday did go really well and I will hear back by end of January. In parallel I am trying to understand the secrets of being self employed, and what the government and insurance requirements and directions are. I will participate in a one day seminar about this topic in early February, to have a good starting point and because it is a requirement and prerequisite from the government labor office.

I definitely will be working out a business plan, to see what is required and as a good learning experience after finishing the economics basic training last week.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to test drive an electrical car, as we are just thinking about a new solution for the day to day mobility in my family. Great experience, great technology and able to cover a distance of 400 km under perfect conditions. Definitely an alternative for all activities in a midrange distance around our house. More details, when we are closer to a final decision, so far it is just one very interesting idea of several options.

With respect to "Be ready for changes, any time ..." I found two great articles supporting this statement. Lou Adler with A Bunch of Free Radical Ideas for Getting a Job that Beat Applying (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bunch-radical-ideas-getting-job-beat-applying-lou-adler?trk=prof-post), really great stuff and some interesting approaches that will help us to stand out of the mass of applicants, fore sure.

And you possibly realized in the meantime that I love quotes fitting to my topics, here 50 Quotes to Spark a Culture of Change in 2017 by Gijs van Wulfen (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/50-quotes-spark-culture-change-2017-gijs-van-wulfen).

Status quo is Latin for, 'The mess we're in.' Ronald Reagan