8. Jan, 2017

My week twenty six summary.

The first week in 2017 was still quiet, as the school christmas holidays did finish yesterday. Hopefully next week there will be more activity again? I just had one phone call with the managing director of the headhunter company that is interested in my help and the job interview on Thursday.

I did apply for 5 new positions and did get a final NO for two older applications. Based on my 82 entries in my tracking Excel sheet so far, the average reaction time of HR departments, to either get a NO or the information to be added to their candidate pool, is 23 days. This really requires a lot of patience on the job seeker side. There are a small number of companies and headhunters with 1 - 3 days reaction time, what is really great and very much appreciated. The worst are 94, 100 and even 209 days. For the 209 days I just stopped to track and being interested, I still did not hear back so far 😠. Interesting treatment of potential candidates in the "war for talent".

The other phenomenon I am seeing with some companies is the existance of a kind of hidden "blacklist". If the first application does not work out and you do not get shortlisted, you will never make it any further with future applications to the same company. You get feedback emails like:

"We have considered your application very carefully. Unfortunately we regret to inform you that we will not be progressing further with your application. ... If you are interested in a position in our company in the future, we are looking forward to a new application. The dynamics of the development within our company constantly creates new, interesting perspectives. On our homepage at  xxx  you always find the most recent free positions. ...".

It can definitely be my fault, no doubt about this, but with the experience of 100+ applications in the last 6 month I am only applying to positions in the meantime that really fit to my profile. All companies where I realize this kind of behavior are going onto my blacklist now 😉.

As mentioned in Lou Adler's list from yesterday --> Think Less is More. It’s better spending more time working hard to do what's ever necessary to get a job at 5-6 different companies rather than applying to dozens and hoping.