10. Jan, 2017

Some thoughts about hiring talent ...

Very often when you are thinking about specific topics, you are coming across different examples by accident or by surprise. This happened to me yesterday and today, with respect to different ways of hiring talent.

Yesterday I have seen an interesting position on LinkedIn for a company that is offering 100% cloud based solutions with a 100% virtual team of experts/developers around the globe. Different business models or ways of working require different ways of attracting and hiring talent. The position sounded interesting and the salary was great, so I started to apply. Quickly I came to the Crossover page https://www.crossover.com/for-candidates/#qualification-process, a company that is using a very detailed qualification process, to find the top 1% candidates globally. After 18 years in IT Management I am not the software development expert, so I did not pass the initial expertise test. But I liked the process and approach very much, properly managing expectations and selecting talent in the same mindset as the future workplace will be.

Second example, very much related, came up in the Tim Ferriss book "Tools of Titans" this morning. Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic, did already describe back in April 2014, how he is hiring talent and building strong teams. A lot of similarities with the Crossover approach. Have a look at  https://hbr.org/2014/04/the-ceo-of-automattic-on-holding-auditions-to-build-a-strong-team, I like the "The most significant shift we’ve made is requiring every final candidate to work with us for three to eight weeks on a contract basis. Candidates do real tasks alongside the people they would actually be working with if they had the job." part very much, as this is really a fair approach for both sides.

And finally after the young guns, the grand master of business management, Warren Buffet. He takes a totally different approach and is looking for three key traits in the candidates he is hiring https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/interview-questions/2017/when-warren-buffett-hires-he-looks-for-these-3-key-traits?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_content=946764&utm_campaign=0, Intelligence, Energy and Integrity"IQ, integrity, and energy cannot be taught,” says Herscher. “I believe these are innate attributes found within certain individuals. So if these attributes are not easily noticeable early during the interviewing process, then they most likely won't be there once the person is on board.” This says everything.