15. Jan, 2017

My quick week twenty seven summary.

Activities on the job market are getting up to speed again, but we are not at the pre-holiday level yet. I did apply for one new job, was added to the talent pool one time and did not make it to the shortlist for two other positions (one was put on hold by the hiring company). 

I did see my outplacement consultant again after two month and we did agree the strategy for the coming weeks. Besides that I had some phone calls with headhunters about potential new positions and one call, where I was the reference for a former employee.

Interesting discussion and to see the differences between an European and US-American approach. Some month back I was the reference for another employee, who did apply for a leadership position, and the question and answer session with the hiring manager from the US was pretty easy and straight forward. He did ask a question, I answered open and honestly and we did go to the next question. 10 minutes later the phone call was over. With the headhunter lady from Germany it was differently. I do not want to go into details here, but I was not emotional enough about my former employee has been one of the comments. How emotional can a German Male Engineer be on the phone? 

The next two weeks there will be an Online websession about success stories, shared by people from different industries and professions. I will try to listen to some of them to learn.

If you have some spare time next week, some interesting articles to look at:

Have a great successful week ...