21. Jan, 2017

Funny stories can get even more funny ...

I assume your will not remember my BLOG entry from 20-Dec-16 about interesting happenings with headhunters and my following comment? - "But sometimes these secrets are just going too far. How can you answer a question about your willingness to relocate for example, when you do not even know the new location?" - This story did proceed today.

Back in December I agreed with the headhunter that he will provide my documents to his customer and we will discuss the company name and location, when the company should be interested in my profile. No risk, no fun.

Today morning, on a Saturday 👍, the colleague of the headhunter did call to tell me that their customer would be interested in a first phone interview with me. She was new to this project, as her colleague is away for 6 month in the moment. She did not know details and what we both agreed. I could not even remember the name of the headhunter, his company and the story at all (What do you expect on a Saturday morning?). She wanted to find out more details on her side for next week, but told me the company name and location (not in Germany) now. In the meantime I did a search in my email folder for the headhunter name and could find the case to remember. Interesting position and company. More possibly next week.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. Michael Jordan